Marlee Matlin and How the Deaf Speak with Jeff Probst


I found this awesome video I want to share, but before you watch it you must know something about me. I may be a communication major, but I STINK at foreign language. For that reason, I’ve been taking some American Sign Language classes, and they have opened up a whole new world to me.

This video is about Marlee Matlin the youngest ever to win an Academy Award for best actress at age 21. She’s not your normal actress however, she’s also deaf.

The video talks about her struggle with Dancing with the Stars and in life in general as a deaf person. She talks about her culture and how to treat certain obstacles. It’s a very eye-opening video.

What I think you’ll find most amazing is that Matlin has created her own app to help people understand the deaf better. It’s called Marlee’s Signs. In the app you can…

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