“ASL Gumbo: Ingredients for Seasoned Interpreters” Workshop 0.3 PS RID CEU’s (Online Webcast)

ASL Gumbo

Part 1 – “Culture”

“ASL Gumbo:  Ingredients for Seasoned Interpreters” is a new series we have begun where we revisit, explore, and/or review topics we learned about when we first came into the profession of sign language interpreting.  These topics will range from Culture’s influence on communication to Ethics to Team Interpreting.  New and upcoming interpreters will find the presentation of these topics of benefit, as well.

Our first installment in this series is Culture’s influence on communication.  Are we really confident that culture has anything to do with interpreting?  Through this presentation the statement “If you do not have an understanding of culture and its influence on communication you cannot possibly become an effective interpreter” will be explored and proven or disproven.

About the Presenter

David Hylan holds a Master of Science degree in Deaf Education and a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech, both from Lamar University.  He has been employed at the Betty and Leonard Phillips Deaf Action Center for the past 26 years and serves as the Center’s Executive Director.  He has provided over 30 years of professional services as an interpreter and mentor.  David is one of the founding members of the Louisiana Coalition of Service Providers and has provided interpreting services on the college level as well as in medical, legal and governmental situations. He holds RID Certifications, Certificate of Interpreting (CI) and a Certificate of Transliteration (CT), serves as an RID Local Test Administrator (LTA) and holds a State of Louisiana Level V certificate issued by the Louisiana Commission for the Deaf. He is a member of the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and the Louisiana Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.  David has conducted workshops on the state and local level in the areas of sign language interpreter training, ethics and American Sign Language training.  He has also taught courses in the area of deafness in postsecondary education situations.

Registration will close on Wednesday, February 13, 2013.

0.3 PS RID CEU’s Available to those that quailfy.

Computer requirements:

High speed internet Sound Most recent version of Adobe Flash Player

Webcast will be 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM Central time. Please check your time zone to make sure you sign on at the correct time.

REFUND POLICY:  We will have a recorded version of every webcast available. If for some reason you cannot attend the webcast at the scheduled time, you may watch the recorded version later. Because of this, we cannot offer refunds. If a webcast is cancelled, you will be given credit to view another webcast, either live or archived.


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terpstube is designed to provide online continuing education for interpreters, CEUs, and professional networking and job opportunities nationwide.

2 Responses to “ASL Gumbo: Ingredients for Seasoned Interpreters” Workshop 0.3 PS RID CEU’s (Online Webcast)

  1. anne brown says:

    can I get the CEU’s mailed to me I am not a member of rid I need to have them for my Missouri lisccense. Thanx

  2. terpstube says:

    You will need to contact:

    Raydra Hall
    Deaf Action Center

    with that question.

    Thanks, TerpsTube

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