CEUS on the go! – LIVE WEBINAR 5/23/13 – 0.2 PS CEUs – The Delineation of the Educational Interpreter’s Role

CEUS on the go!

WEBINAR 5/23/13

The Delineation of the Educational Interpreter’s Role: Where and How do *You* Draw the Line?

by Richard Brumberg, B.A., CI/CT, NIC

0.2 PS CEUs

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Workshop Description:

For interpreters in K-12 settings who face situations that cross a boundary, the interpreters will explain their role with concepts like BACK-OUT (of a situation), DRAW-THE-LINE (between me and the consumer), THINK-SELF (“It’s up to you.”) and NOT-MY-BUSINESS. Yet, when talking about necessities of educational settings, these very same interpreters will assert how critical it is to create rapports with the Deaf student(s) and hearing consumers. These competing thoughts leave these interpreter in a quandary. What, then, is the balance between establishing healthy relationships and keeping your distance in the classroom setting? Where should the interpreter draw the line? What kind of line should be drawn? Most importantly, once the role is clear in the interpreter’s mind, how can he/she explain this delineation to all stakeholders in the educational setting. This two-hour webinar will explore these issues and offer possible solutions through a synthesis of established research and first-person experiences/responses.

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