Tyler Texas Jr. College | New set of 3 DVD’s on ASL Idioms

Tyler Texas Jr. College has made a set of 3 DVD’s (#3 in process and will be ready in a few months). Each DVD has about 14-15 weeks of 20 words/idioms each week that is signed in up to 3 different ways based on possible contexts. Great to use in interpreting classes or for individuals to improve their skills.

Stephanie Deibert is project manager; Susie Grona, Laura Hill, Sally and David Barnett all contributed to this set. Many long hours of research and discussions went into the planning and possible ways to sign each concept and idiom over the last few years. Those working on the project include CDI’s, native signers, ASL professors and certified interpreters. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of ways to sign them.

DVD 1 is $15

DVD 1 and 2 is $27

DVD 1-3 with the Part 3 being mailed later, it’s $40

Checks or cash only.

Make checks payable to: TJC ITP

For more information contact Rhonda McKinzie




E-mail us for a flier.

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