AT&T Feel the Music Winner Devin H (Different Colors WALK THE MOON)

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One Response to AT&T Feel the Music Winner Devin H (Different Colors WALK THE MOON)

  1. terpstube says:

    We have a winner!
    The votes are in! Devin H. has been selected as the Grand Prize Winner in the AT&T Feel the Music Contest!


    First, I wanted to thank everyone for all the wonderful support shown by voting for our video that Jason and I created. I’m glad you guys enjoyed it. We wanted it to definitely be a fun and innovative project for us! I just so happened to see this wonderful opportunity on Facebook to create a video to demonstrate that Deaf people CAN enjoy music! It sparked my interest since I am working towards my Masters Degree in American Sign Language. I asked my friend Jason if he wanted to be a part of the project and so the creativity began. Since our location is in Indianapolis, Indiana, one gorgeous Saturday we decided to find different places that display different colors to represent diversity. Those locations we choose were downtown in Indianapolis near the Field House, along the most popular Mass Ave, and the beautiful 100 acres filled with outdoor art and hiking trails. Creating this project allowed us to explore Indianapolis even more and Indianapolis is filled with a lots of fun activities and sightings, which we really enjoyed. While shooting the video, we sure did share a lot of laughs, silliness, creativity, and most of all the ability to share the love of music within the Deaf community. We definitely had a great time creating & sharing that Deaf people rock! Our video was to convey that we all CAN live together, but express our differences. We are a generation of change.


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