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Signs of Development, LLC

Challenges of Working Outside of Our Own Cultural Experiences Streaming Workshop

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PS/GS  – 6 hours/0.6 CEUs (Comprehensive Activities 10 hours / 1.0 CEUs) (Comprehensive Activities* 10 hours/ 1.0 CEUs).

Are you aware of the increase in immigrants in America is the largest of any time period since World War II? The proportion of these new immigrants is changing our employment, business and schools. The population of the 21st century will bring a high proportion of ethnic minorities. Most research suggests that our work worlds will reflect even greater cultural diversity. This brings new learning opportunities for interpreters who encounter Deaf consumers and their families.

Interpreters might be familiar with their own cultural heritage and background, but unfamiliar with persons from a different racial/ethnic background.

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NEW The Ethics Conundrum DVD from Winkshop, Inc. | Earn Sign Language Interpreter CEU’s

In our interpreting world, it is only in the last decade or so that the ethical decisions we make moment by moment are considered situational rather than a strident adherence to the Code of Professional Conduct (CPC). The interview section of the NIC performance exam attempts to understand our rationale for the choices we make, thus recognizing that circumstances influence our ethical choices.

The Ethics Conundrum DVD

169 Minutes

Covers the Entire RID Code of Professional Conduct (CPC)

Translation of the entire RID CPC

Creation of Your Own Personal Ethic Statement

10 Practice Ethical Scenarios

16:9 Widescreen Ratio

Presented in ASL, English, and Subtitles

Earn .3 CEUs

Authored by: Paula D. Browning

Directed and Produced by: Wink!

NEW Native Fingerspelling DVD from Winkshop, Inc. | Earn Sign Language Interpreter CEU’s

Every interpreter or student has struggled with understanding or using Native ASL fingerspelling.

Finally want to change that?

Then watch this DVD where we will improve both our receptive and expressive fingerspelling skills in new and creative ways. This DVD will be fun, stimulating and very different than any you have experienced

Authored by: Dr. Byron Bridges

Directed and Produced by: Wink

Earn CEUs!

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