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MORE Online CEUs from Trix Bruce | English Equivalents: Time After Time

English Equivalents: Time After Time

English Equivalents is a powerful workshop that will guide participants in finding ways to express idiomatic translations from American Sign Language (ASL) to English, and from English to ASL. Many signs are complex and not easy to translate. This video workshop will give you the skill to express idiomatic and technical ideas effectively. English Equivalents in ASL will help you confidently continue the flow of information exchange between the languages. Trix demonstrates this process with a myriad of practical examples and useful principles. The focus of this workshop is on Time Indicators.

1.5 clock hours and .15 CEU available

For full information Click Here

Online CEUs from Trix Bruce | ASL Extreme Makeovers: The Art of Personification


Good News! Soon, you’ll have opportunity to earn CEUs from home with your favorite workshop leader, Trix Bruce! Starting in July 2012, interpreters will be able to move forward with professional development by watching videos and interacting with Trix online. Of course, Trix isn’t going to stop traveling to present her shows and workshops. However, in addition to setting up new workshops and producing videos, Trix is readying online professional development options. From the comfort of home, you’ll be able to improve your ASL storytelling techniques and interpreting skills. Slides, transcripts, and visual aids will make these online programs fully accessible and easy to use. Look for these great programs, soon!

ASL Extreme Makeovers: The Art of Personification

Learn how to “change yourself” into someone or something else. In literature, the technique of “personification” gives an inanimate object, a plant, or an animal characteristics that make it seem “human”. The object shows emotions and takes on human-like behaviors. You can use this technique in American Sign Language to “become” a book, a flower, or even a butterfly! Trix will demonstrate how to personify characters and shift roles within your story. You’ll learn how to “become” a baseball, basketball, beach ball, bowling ball, football, marble, ping pong ball, racquetball, soccer ball, water polo ball, and more!

1.5 clock hours or .15 CEU available

Video Demonstration of Personification: Bobber

For full information Click Here

Signs of Development, LLC | Cultural Experiences Streaming Workshop 1.0 CEU’s

Signs of Development, LLC

Challenges of Working Outside of Our Own Cultural Experiences Streaming Workshop

Product Information

PS/GS  – 6 hours/0.6 CEUs (Comprehensive Activities 10 hours / 1.0 CEUs) (Comprehensive Activities* 10 hours/ 1.0 CEUs).

Are you aware of the increase in immigrants in America is the largest of any time period since World War II? The proportion of these new immigrants is changing our employment, business and schools. The population of the 21st century will bring a high proportion of ethnic minorities. Most research suggests that our work worlds will reflect even greater cultural diversity. This brings new learning opportunities for interpreters who encounter Deaf consumers and their families.

Interpreters might be familiar with their own cultural heritage and background, but unfamiliar with persons from a different racial/ethnic background.

For full information Click Here

SMU Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) | Instructor: Suzanne Terrio 1.0 CEU’s

Students will learn the parameters of ASL, such as handshapes, spatial relationships, two-handed vs. one handed signs, palm orientation, facial grammar, non-manual markers, speed and intensity of signs and how it affects meaning.

Students will experience aspects of Deaf Culture, such as having a name sign, hand-waving to call attention, where it is appropriate and how to tap a deaf person to establish eye contact for face-to- face communication.

This introductory course will clear up myths and misconceptions many people have toward ASL and Deaf people. In just 5 weeks.

For full information go to the SMU website “Here”.

Tyler Texas Jr. College | New set of 3 DVD’s on ASL Idioms

Tyler Texas Jr. College has made a set of 3 DVD’s (#3 in process and will be ready in a few months). Each DVD has about 14-15 weeks of 20 words/idioms each week that is signed in up to 3 different ways based on possible contexts. Great to use in interpreting classes or for individuals to improve their skills.

Stephanie Deibert is project manager; Susie Grona, Laura Hill, Sally and David Barnett all contributed to this set. Many long hours of research and discussions went into the planning and possible ways to sign each concept and idiom over the last few years. Those working on the project include CDI’s, native signers, ASL professors and certified interpreters. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of ways to sign them.

DVD 1 is $15

DVD 1 and 2 is $27

DVD 1-3 with the Part 3 being mailed later, it’s $40

Checks or cash only.

Make checks payable to: TJC ITP

For more information contact Rhonda McKinzie


E-mail us for a flier.

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