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  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Sign Language “ASL” Interpreters (K thru 12 and Post-Secondary Education)
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Sign Language “ASL“Interpreters (General Community, Medical, Legal)
  • Students in training to become interpreters
  • Parents and family members of deaf children
  • Anyone interested in learning or improving their sign language skills

Welcome to terpstube, a place for inspiration, information, networking, and continuing education within the realm of ASL, and professional sign language interpreting. Inspirational and uplifting stories are welcome. We will monitor it closely, and anyone violating the NAD-RID code of professional conduct, starting negative discussions, using inappropriate language, spamming the site, or using it for self promotion will be removed and blocked. It’s very simple. Be nice. Please use this blog to encourage each other. If you dig around on here you might be surprised at the resources you will find.

Thank you for your continued support.

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