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Any questions or comments about the terpstube blog are welcome. If you have ideas or requests you feel would improve the blog let us know.

Thank you for your continued support.

terpstube Admins

7 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Melanie Mitchum says:

    Congrats on getting this started. It looks great! Can’t wait to see more. I am now “following” this site!


  2. terpstube says:

    Thanks Mel! Appreciate that. There is a lot more to come. Our hopes are that it will benefit everyone everywhere. A win, win experience for all who visit out site.


  3. Arlan Howard says:

    I wonder if u Mr. Mark Wood can make a movie about Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, Laurent Clerc, and Alice Cogwell. It would be great for American Sign Language classes. I could not find such movie. only photos, etc. ASL classes would enjoy such real movie! I don’t know if u Mark can be able to create the movie. Please let me know. I am Arlan Howard teaching ASL classes at Bend Sr High School in Bend, Oregon.


  4. terpstube says:

    Mark is not affiliated with our site but you should be able to contact him through one of the following sites:


    Thanks! TerpsTube


  5. Raydra Hall says:

    I would like to advertise our upcoming workshops, but I am having a very hard time figuring out how to do it. I’m usually pretty tech savvy, but I am totally missing something here.


    • terpstube says:

      Hi Raydra,
      Your first post had to be approved and it has been now. That is just to cut down on spammers. You can post comments anywhere on the site now.
      If you would like me to set up a specific post for your workshop just email me any info, flyers, links, or pics you want included at and I will set it up for you. It’s free and will be set up same day.

      Thanks, –terpstube Admins


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