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Are You Working in an Ecosystem or Battlefield? 8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses


Are You Working in an Ecosystem or Battlefield? 8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses

 What is the difference between an average boss and an extraordinary boss?

 An extraordinary boss builds an ecosystem.


I recently read an article that was one of the best I have read in a long time.

Clear and to the point on what makes a good work environment.


8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses

By Geoffrey James

Writer for


What are your thoughts on the following 8 points?

1. Extraordinary bosses naturally create teams that adapt easily.

2. Extraordinary bosses inspire employees to dedicate themselves to the success of their peers and therefore to the community–and company–at large.

3. Extraordinary bosses commit themselves to obtaining the resources that their employees need to get the job done. They push decision making downward, allowing teams form their own rules and intervening only in emergencies.

4. Extraordinary bosses treat every employee as if he or she were the most important person in the firm. As a result, employees at all levels take charge of their own destinies.

5. Extraordinary bosses inspire people to see a better future and how they’ll be a part of it.  As a result, employees work harder because they believe in the organization’s goals, truly enjoy what they’re doing and (of course) know they’ll share in the rewards.

6. Extraordinary bosses see change as an inevitable part of life. While they don’t value change for its own sake, they know that success is only possible if employees and organization embrace new ideas and new ways of doing business.

7. Extraordinary bosses see technology as a way to free human beings to be creative and to build better relationships.

8. Extraordinary bosses see work as something that should be inherently enjoyable–and believe therefore that the most important job of manager is, as far as possible, to put people in jobs that can and will make them truly happy.


Do you have an extraordinary boss? 

If so, let them know with a

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Seeking Program Coordinator, ASL Sign Language Interpreters, and More at Aspen Camp

CITY: Snowmass, Colorado


Want to work at a fun place between beautiful mountains and creeks? Love people and making magic happen? Want to put your leadership, organizational, and creative skills to use for a good cause?

Aspen Camp of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing are seeking to fill several job openings:

– 1 Program Coordinator. Full time team member who coordinates programs and events at Aspen Camp and manages seasonal staff. Salaried pay and must live on campus during programs and can live off campus during off-sesaons.

– 1 Office Intern: Internship from Jan 3 to April 24, 2013 to help with office work, programs, outreach, and advocacy.

– 1 Kitchen Intern: Internship from Jan 3 to April 24, 2013 to help with menu planning, food and equipment management, and meal preparation for programs and events. Stipend weekly with room and other perks.

– 2 ASL Interpreter Interns: Internships from Jan 3 to April 24, 2013 to interpret local events, programs, and meetings. Stipend or college hours negotiable with room and other perks.

For job descriptions, requirements, and benefits, check out Also apply at that link.

Email outreach @ or call (970) 315-0513 if you have any questions.



CONTACT TELEPHONE #: 970-315-0513

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