SMU Introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) | Instructor: Suzanne Terrio 1.0 CEU’s

Students will learn the parameters of ASL, such as handshapes, spatial relationships, two-handed vs. one handed signs, palm orientation, facial grammar, non-manual markers, speed and intensity of signs and how it affects meaning.

Students will experience aspects of Deaf Culture, such as having a name sign, hand-waving to call attention, where it is appropriate and how to tap a deaf person to establish eye contact for face-to- face communication.

This introductory course will clear up myths and misconceptions many people have toward ASL and Deaf people. In just 5 weeks.

For full information go to the SMU website “Here”.

More Sign Language Online Webinar CEUs | Assorted Topics Including Ethics

Webcasts are great way to earn required CEUs from the comfort of your own home.

Two New Webcasts Scheduled:

Bible Sign How?

Voicing with Flair

(View Here)

All of these listed webcasts are archived for later viewing and you still receive CEUs.

The Code of Professional Conduct: You’ve Got to be Kidding Me! (part1)

The Code of Professional Conduct: You’ve Got to be Kidding Me! (part 2)

AIDS…The Untold Story (part 1)

AIDS…The Untold Story (part2)

Cochlear Implants: They’ve Got Some Nerve…

Angina…what? How Do I Sign That? Basic Interpreting in the Medical Field

Preacher’s Words That Make You Go “HUH?”

(View Here)

Interesting stats Sign Language Interpreters may find useful from this London UK site @looktohear

As you know we like to promote worldwide input to keep our site interesting and informative.

We found Twitter user @looktohear and her site FunnyOldLife has some very interesting info on auditory stats that come into play when in various sound environments. Interpreters may find this information helpful when positioning.

As my progressive hearing loss gets worse each year I have been talking with audiologists and specialists about ambient noise problems and have found there is a lot of useful information out there that most people really aren’t aware of.

I recently received new hearing aids with the newest technology out there and they are a huge improvement over my older ones. But even with that there are some scenarios in loud environments I have to understand how sound works to position myself. Technology just goes so far.

Hope everyone finds this an interesting and helpful site.

Tyler Texas Jr. College | New set of 3 DVD’s on ASL Idioms

Tyler Texas Jr. College has made a set of 3 DVD’s (#3 in process and will be ready in a few months). Each DVD has about 14-15 weeks of 20 words/idioms each week that is signed in up to 3 different ways based on possible contexts. Great to use in interpreting classes or for individuals to improve their skills.

Stephanie Deibert is project manager; Susie Grona, Laura Hill, Sally and David Barnett all contributed to this set. Many long hours of research and discussions went into the planning and possible ways to sign each concept and idiom over the last few years. Those working on the project include CDI’s, native signers, ASL professors and certified interpreters. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of ways to sign them.

DVD 1 is $15

DVD 1 and 2 is $27

DVD 1-3 with the Part 3 being mailed later, it’s $40

Checks or cash only.

Make checks payable to: TJC ITP

For more information contact Rhonda McKinzie


E-mail us for a flier.

Ethics for the Real World Book Study | Earn Sign Language Interpreter 1.2 CEU’s from Home

This independent book study can be completed at any time, by yourself or in a small study group that you form. It has been approved by DARS-DHHS-BEI for two sections of .6 Ethics CEUs. Total 1.2 CEU’s.

The book “Ethics for the Real World: Creating a Personal Code to Guide Decisions in Work and Life” by Ronald A. Howard and Clinton D. Korver is available on Amazon.

The attached forms will be needed for each .6 CEU study.

For details or questions contact Dan Diffee at Diffee Consulting.

Phone: (817) 726-3058

Fax: (817) 244-8108

Ethics Real World Part I description and resources FORM

Ethics Real World Part II description and resourcesFORM

NEW The Ethics Conundrum DVD from Winkshop, Inc. | Earn Sign Language Interpreter CEU’s

In our interpreting world, it is only in the last decade or so that the ethical decisions we make moment by moment are considered situational rather than a strident adherence to the Code of Professional Conduct (CPC). The interview section of the NIC performance exam attempts to understand our rationale for the choices we make, thus recognizing that circumstances influence our ethical choices.

The Ethics Conundrum DVD

169 Minutes

Covers the Entire RID Code of Professional Conduct (CPC)

Translation of the entire RID CPC

Creation of Your Own Personal Ethic Statement

10 Practice Ethical Scenarios

16:9 Widescreen Ratio

Presented in ASL, English, and Subtitles

Earn .3 CEUs

Authored by: Paula D. Browning

Directed and Produced by: Wink!

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