Certified Online Exercise Consultant (ASL Bilingual) #ZachConditioning

Online Exercise Consultant

(ASL Bilingual)

Zachary Kapalka

Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, Master’s in Kinesiology, and NSCA-CSCS certified

Contact Zach at zkapalka@gmail.com


Do you feel like you need a structured plan to get you through your conditioning workouts? Do you feel that you need someone knowledgeable in exercise science in order for you to see results? Looking to get an edge over others in athletics? Trying to get your life back on track? Looking to get in better shape and enjoy life the way it’s meant to be enjoyed? But the thoughts of hiring and paying a personal trainer seem to be out of your budget?


Look no further! As an online exercise consultant, I can work with you to create your own personalized exercise regime to follow.


I bring more than 5 years of training/experience to the table. A Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, a Master’s in Kinesiology, and NSCA-CSCS certified! And a proven track record! So, rest assured, you’re in excellent hands!


The protocol is that if you are interested in utilizing my services. We will proceed with you receiving a basic health/fitness questionnaire from me that you will fill out and send it back to me. The questionnaire will be evaluated and the payment will be conducted. Then you will receive your exercise regime within two business days.


Payment will be conducted through PayPal to safeguard both our mutual interests. An explanation of the pricing; you actually receive an excellent deal because of how my services are used. If you hired me for an hour in person, I would have to charge you 50 dollars or more due to the nature of my certificate and in accordance with my experience. Thus, if you use my service as outlined below, you can save up to $160 dollars a week while still making tremendous progress toward getting in shape!


Available Option

$75- An exercise regime document for a month

 Each exercise regime document will include warm-ups, a customized conditioning workout regime, stretches, and nutritional advice if any is warranted.


Support available via text or e-mail

Give us a try!


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