An Artistic Look at My Hearing Aids

Lipreading Mom

It took me two years before I’d let this much of myself show.
My bottle blonde hair
and palette of cosmetics
usually help me blend in with the other moms
who drive their children to sporting events
on a warm summer afternoon.
I turn the wheel,
hoping to avoid the stark reflection
that stares back in the rearview mirror.

A profile of me with the low ponytail says it all:
There is something different about me.

I am wearing hearing aids.

This is who I am.
I am slowly going deaf.
This was meant to happen,
to help me hear beyond what comes through
flawed ears.

– From the poem ‘Different’ by Lipreading Mom Shanna Groves


What do you think of my hearing aids?

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Sound Advice for New Interpreters

“Sound Advice for New Interpreters” from across the pond…

The Interpreter Diaries

I truly admire bloggers who manage to keep up their blogging schedule through the summer months. And I doubly admire one blog in particular for having made a number of valuable contributions to the interpreting blogosphere this summer.

I’m referring to Life in LINCS, a blog written by the members of the Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies (LINCS) at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. If you follow the Interpreter Diaries on Facebook or Twitter, you will have seen me sharing a number of their posts over the past few weeks.

I particularly liked the three-part series “From gown to booth – Turning your degree into a job” on how to get started in the interpreting profession:

Hurdle nº 1: Experience required

Hurdle nº 2: Becoming a paid interpreter

Working for an international institution

So thanks very much to the people at Life in LINCS for all the great summer…

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Advancing Interpreting & More, LLC | St. Louis, MO (RID region IV) | Workshops! CEU’s!

Hi! I am Sally King Backer, owner of Advancing Interpreting & More, LLC. I am located in the St. Louis, MO metro area (RID region IV)

My company offers multiple workshops per year, Mentor U (A unique mentorship program), study groups and tutoring. All of our workshops are approved for CEUs, whether for the State of Missouri (MICS) or RID. I will be offering a new way to workshop this fall: Kitchen Table Workshops. This service is a full workshop in your home. I am excited to offer this unique way to workshop.

October 6th, in partnership with Deaf Services St Louis we are hosting the Interpreter Survival Show in Brentwood MO.

AIM offers fun, informative workshops. Check it out!!

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