Dollar General Store: Cashier Asks For Hearing Dog To Leave

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douglas in airportWhenever I go out shopping I always bring Douglas my hearing dog along. He is here to help to notify me of sounds I can’t hear at home. Without my hearing aids on I am completely deaf. In most places we go to there are usually never any problems. At the stores people spend a lot of time admiring the dog. They usually come up to me and tell he how cute he looks. He puts smiles on people’s faces everywhere I go.

Anyway I decided to stop at the Dollar General store yesterday. Douglas had his orange hearing dog vest on as we went inside. Also I always hold onto the leash and have him close to me whenever we go shopping. When I was nearly done shopping, a cashier followed us in the store. I was wondering why she was not up front working. All of a sudden…

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2 Responses to Dollar General Store: Cashier Asks For Hearing Dog To Leave

  1. wanda4848 says:

    It’s really amazing to see my article here back from 2015 on Douglas my hearing dog. He’s doing well and this sort of thing still happens in some stores up to this day. Thank you so much for letting the world know about him. I’m so sorry it took me 3 years to find this, but I was so busy and didn’t have time to blog. Now I think I am changing my mind. Have a wonderful and blessed day! 🙂


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