Stop Hearing Loss Bullying Campaign Video – Deaf and Hard of Hearing Awareness

Disable Bullying. Lauren Potter (Glee Star) Speaks Out #stopbullying @abilitypath

Spencer Kane – “One of THE Kind” – Stop Bullying #BeOneOfTheKind, #StopHearingLossBullying

Pacers Peer Advocacy Unique Bullying Prevention Model for Students with Disabilities


“A Unique Bullying Prevention Model for Students with Disabilities”

Most students don’t like to see bullying, but they may not know what to do when it happens. Peer advocacy—speaking out on the behalf of others — is a unique approach that empowers students to protect those targeted by bullying. It works for two reasons: Students are more likely than adults to see what is happening with their peers, and peer influence is powerful. A student telling someone to stop bullying has much more impact than an adult giving that same advice.

In exploring a peer advocacy model in your school, consider who the adult leader should be, which students could benefit from peer intervention, and which students could be catalysts for change. The peer advocates should be educated on:
• the dynamics of bullying behavior
• the characteristics, traits, and circumstances of the students for whom they are advocating
• the options of how to intervene


Intervention strategies can be tailored for each situation. Some advocates will feel comfortable with direct interventions, such as telling the person bullying to stop. Others may want to approach indirectly, such as supporting the person after an incident or reporting it to the adult leader.

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Support Katie Leclerc @katieleclerc in her Bullying Prevention Campaign #lovebomb #yay

Katie Leclerc has been a long time advocate on the prevention of bullying. She sent out a tweet today that I felt needed to be shared. It reads as follows in bold:

“I know YOU can make a difference! Support bullying prevention. Design a custom t-shirt or buy mine at #lovebomb #yay”

There are many types, levels, and venues of bullying. Looking up the definitions and many variations is lengthy. But to sum it up it is being cruel to another. The various reasons someone would be a bully is just as numerous but the outcome is the same. No one wins; the recipient or the instigator. The levels of pain to the recipient are too numerous to list and though the instigator for whatever reason may think they are winning but in reality they are labeled by others as a bully and no one respects them. It is a loose/loose situation.

I see this on a daily basis and it is more wide spread than most people realize. My hat goes off to Katie Leclerc for taking up this mantle to prevent bullying.

The Power of Words | Stand Up Against Bullying |

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