Check Out | Spreading Deaf Awareness Through the Eyes of the Community

I had the good fortune of participating in an online Deaf Insight Chat Room this evening about interesting topics of the day.

Shanna Groves of lipreadingmom was this week’s moderator. To read more about her story go to this LINK. is designed to help spread awareness about American Sign Language and the deaf community. Their hopes are to educate and make an impression on those that are interested in learning more about the deaf community.

They support anyone trying to support the deaf culture and community.

Join In!

To find out more about them go to this LINK

About TerpsTube
TerpsTube is designed to provide positive online continuing education for ASL interpreters, CEU opportunity information, and a place for professional networking. Fun is allowed also.

6 Responses to Check Out | Spreading Deaf Awareness Through the Eyes of the Community

  1. On behalf of the Deaf Insight Chats, I want to thank you for the mention. I look forward to having you participate in future chats, as well as following your blog.

    Shanna Groves


  2. sgrovesuss says:

    Thank you for the kind mention of Deaf Insight and the monthly Deaf Chats. It was a pleasure to have you at last night’s chat, and I look forward to future opportunities to connect with you.

    Shanna Groves


  3. As the founder of Deaf Insight, I want to extend my thanks to you for mentioning us on your wonderful website. I truly love what you have going on here. I also want to thank you for stopping by our Deaf Chat! It was truly great to talk with you as long as I did. I hope we can continue to spread the word about Deaf Insight and continue to bring more and more people together. Hope to see you again at our future chats!

    Thank you!

    Monica Hood
    Founder of Deaf Insight


  4. terpstube says:

    It’s a great site. I really enjoyed the chat room and you have a lot of interesting relevant info on the site. Good job. I will be using it in the future.

    Thanks, Gary (terpstube)


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