Who’s the best lipreader of all?

I look so I can hear....


Lipreading has become a rather commercial activity in the last few years. I’ve been asked to lipread celebrities at royal weddings, the Royals at royal weddings, babies and parents at royal christenings, criminals, sports people, and even the unsuspecting public.

I was born deaf and I have always been a lipreader. I am now totally deaf with 2 cochlear implants, yet I retain my lipreading skills. I am able to lipread most people I meet, lipread sideways, and even fool a lot of people into thinking I am a hearing person. I believe lipreading is not a science, it is an art. An art I have honed over many years, in many situations, in many different countries with various accents. My life experience of travelling around the world and “getting on with it” has served to make me a better lipreader. I can even lipread in Spanish, Japanese and Arabic.

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2 Responses to Who’s the best lipreader of all?

  1. Vetties7 says:

    I agree with you about “lip reading IS an art.” I am rubbish at but my fiancé is HoH and lip reads well but not sideways. I might practice with him (we are in the car atm and he can hear well with his h’aids). Lovely read x
    If you want to read my blog @ https://vetties.wordpress.com – it is about the funny side of our relationship.


  2. Vetties7 says:

    PS I am hearing (forgot to add that part lol). Nice to read something different x


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