Shake it off SIGN LANGUAGE version (Taylor Swift Sign cover) ASL

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TerpsTube is designed to provide positive online continuing education for ASL interpreters, CEU opportunity information, and a place for professional networking. Fun is allowed also.

5 Responses to Shake it off SIGN LANGUAGE version (Taylor Swift Sign cover) ASL

  1. Jacob Thomas says:

    I love this video and her interpretation.

    • terpstube says:

      Yeah, I stumbled onto it and really liked her up tempo attitude so thought it was worth sharing.

      • Jacob Thomas says:

        From what I understood, she put out another video shortly after because a lot of folks in the ASL community were offended by the video – which is odd because she is an ASL teacher/interpreter.

      • terpstube says:

        I’ll do some research and see what else she has out there. But I’m not surprised. I’m a certified interpreter by profession and have been for over 20 years. Sadly there is always a much longer line of people ready to critique you than to support you. It’s just the nature of the job. Bottom line is does the client like your work. I applaud her being brave enough to stick herself out there and add a little fun video.

      • Jacob Thomas says:

        Another amazing youtube personality would be Kelly Greer. Her video’s are amazing.

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