You Did Not Just Say That – How would you respond?


  You are in a social setting with a fairly large group of people you don’t know. As conversations progress everyone decides to go around the room sharing what they do for a living. Your turn arrives and you proudly say you are an interpreter by trade. Silence fills the room and then someone in the back says; You can make a living doing that?

7 Things You Should Know About Sign Language by Arika Okrent

A friend recently shared this informative article with me. There is so much good information I felt the need to expound on it.

The site advertises to be the place where “Knowledge Junkies Get Their Fix”

In a recent post “7 Things You Should Know About Sign Language” by Arika Okrent. I found many interesting sub-links throughout the article I felt would be interesting to our viewing audience. Let us know if you find the following of interest.

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