You Did Not Just Say That – How would you respond?


  You are in a social setting with a fairly large group of people you don’t know. As conversations progress everyone decides to go around the room sharing what they do for a living. Your turn arrives and you proudly say you are an interpreter by trade. Silence fills the room and then someone in the back says; You can make a living doing that?

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TerpsTube is designed to provide positive online continuing education for ASL interpreters, CEU opportunity information, and a place for professional networking. Fun is allowed also.

2 Responses to You Did Not Just Say That – How would you respond?

  1. maryalive says:

    I would just calmly say, without blinking, “Well, it’s worked for me so far.”

    It’s good to remember those statements aren’t made maliciously, but simply out of ignorance. Gentle but straight forward explanations are probably best.


    • terpstube says:

      Hi Mary! How are things in the UK? Good answer. I actually thought it was funny but I just had say something on here. I’m sure most people never think about what we do or how we arrive at this point. I’m sure others have all kinds of stories that would fit the “You Did Not Just Say That” scenario. I’m hoping this string will bring up some humorous comments. A little humor is a good way to start the week. 🙂


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